Trump’s weblog closed after simply 1 month

A “communication platform” that former President Donald Trump launched in early May to reach his supporters will be closed after usage has declined.

Trump’s senior adviser Jason Miller justified the forced retirement of the site to CNBC on Wednesday by saying that it was “an” alternative “to the wider effort we have and are working on.

Miller declined to elaborate on these efforts, but confirmed the website “will not return.”

The “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” website was offered as a replacement for Trump’s posts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms after they banned him after his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud, which ended Jan. 6 Uprising in the US Capitol.

But its real usefulness was questioned shortly after it launched on May 5th. Social media interactions plummeted from 159,000 on day one to just 15,000 three days later, according to an analysis by the Washington Post.

Internet dwellers also quickly found that it was less of a platform than a blog, although visitors were encouraged to share Trump’s lengthy posts on their own social media accounts.

The shutdown could be a boon to MyPillow CEO and loyal Trump ally Mike Lindell, who launched his own social media website in April. Lindell said at the time that his platform is all about freedom of speech – unless you want to swear or use God’s name in vain, which leads to a ban.

“Another thing you can’t do there is completely defame someone,” said Lindell, who is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $ 1.3 billion of defamation.

“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” went in the death of Trump Airlines, Trump Drinks, Trump: The Game, numerous Trump casinos, Trump magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump Steaks, a Trump travel website, Trump Telecom, Trump University , and Trump vodka.

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