Spice women fashions we nonetheless put on, from chunky sneakers to crop tops

It has been 25 years since the Spice Girls conquered our hearts ‘zigazig ah-d’ with the release of Wannabe – and the fabulous five still influence us today.

“Girl power” – although dismissed by some as a frivolous attempt at feminism – actually introduced a generation of girls to the concept of sisterhood. Mel C has proven that girls can wear soccer jerseys. Mel B refused to remain silent. Geri refused to be good. Emma and Posh may be more traditionally cute and stylish, but they have shown that you can be both and be successful … if you want to.

True, Emmeline Pankhurst may get a grip on the Prince Charles incident, but nonetheless, the quintet put girls in first place, which was no easy feat in the 1990s.

Feminism may have evolved beyond its lay way of empowerment, but one thing we’re still clinging to and that is its style.

From joggers and crop tops to chunky sneakers, here’s proof that Spice Girls-inspired ’90s fashion is forever alive.

There are these two strands of hair …

Billie Piper at the 2021 BAFTAs, Emma Bunton 1997 and Sheridan Smith at the 2021 Brit Awards.

Do you remember when Emma pulled hair from her locks and we all did the same thing? Celebs will try again in 2021. Sheridan Smith went down with soft bangs at the Brit Awards, and then there’s die-hard ’90s Stan Billie Piper who revived those two little strands of hair at the BAFTAs. Center parting is of course mandatory.

And chunky sneakers

Spice Girls during a gig and press event in Bali, 1997.

The band loved chunky trainers in the 90s (well, Posh aside) and now when we stick our toes in the comfy shoes we whisper a little thank you to them. Granted, our platforms are not * quite * that high.

Jogging pants and crop tops

Getty / ASOS

Getty / ASOS

We can thank Mel C for pioneering athleisure. Figure A shows our favorite sporty lady at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards in her signature crop top and sweatpants (or sweatpants, as our American friends would say). Exhibit B is an outfit that is currently on offer at Asos. Thanks to Lockdown, Mel C’s comfortable look has seen a real renaissance.

The Union Jack dress

Geri Horner (nee Halliwell) in 1997 and Dua Lipa in 2021.

Geri Horner (nee Halliwell) in 1997 and Dua Lipa in 2021.

The 1997 Union Jack dress by Geri Halliwell is arguably the most iconic costume in Brit Awards history – and it’s still celebrated today. Dua Lipa paid homage to the dress during her appearance on this year’s show with a nod to Mel B’s’ 90s leopard print.

Queen of the two-piece

Mel B, performed in the 90s.

Mel B, performed in the 90s.

Mel B may be best remembered for her love of the leopard print, but she really deserves more credit for her skillful donning of the color-matching two-piece. Oh, and wearing bras / bikini tops as outerwear. These zoomers, who are wearing halter neck wrap tops (aka boob slings) this summer, owe a lot to her.

Oh, and Posh is a real designer now

Victoria Beckham Show during London Fashion Week February 2020

Victoria Beckham Show during London Fashion Week February 2020

Finally, we must pay our respects to Victoria Beckham. No, we no longer wear heels and tiny black dresses (we had enough of those in the 90s, thank you very much), but now that Posh Spice is a real designer, who’s really the last laughing?

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