Sherif Lanre accuses Love Island of “double requirements” as Danny stays in Villa

Former Love Island star Sherif Lanre has accused the show of “double standards” after current contestant Danny Bibby was allowed to stay at the villa despite controversy over his previous use of the N-word on social media.

Sherif took part in the ITV2 reality show back in 2019 and left the villa through the back door, as a spokesman said at the time it was a rule break.

While his departure was initially shrouded in mystery, it later emerged that he and the TV bosses had “mutually agreed” that he should leave after accidentally kicking an islander and that the incident was jokingly called “c ** * -Punt “.

ITV / ShutterstockSherif Lanre attended Love Island two years ago

Newcomer Danny arrived at the mansion last week, with fans of the show quickly spotting a 2019 Instagram comment referring to a white friend as “my n *** a”.

After apologizing for using the bow, Danny was allowed to stay at the Love Island mansion, which the sherif claimed was evidence of ITVs.complete double standards when it comes to racism ”.

“They don’t seem to care,” Sherif told The Sun. “A white man was allowed to apologize from the mansion for using the N word and keep filming while I was removed because of play fights and accidental actions.

“The N word should not be used and this candidate should be removed from the house like me, especially after the English football team has been racially abused … ITV has to set an example.”

ITV / ShutterstockDanny Bibby

HuffPost UK has contacted ITV for comment.

On Friday night, Danny made a statement from the mansion that read: “I would like to take the time to apologize to anyone who may have offended my inappropriate comment. I never meant anything bad by this comment. I am not a racist person and it is unacceptable language and ignorant.

“I didn’t mean it badly and have the feeling that I’ve really learned from my mistakes and will never use that word again.”

Insisting that he is “a kind, loving person,” he adds, “Hopefully this is what you see on the show.”

Sherif also reiterated a previous allegation that he heard an unknown candidate on his series using the N-word while rapping at the mansion.

ITV / ShutterstockSherif was one of the original Islanders during the run of the 2019 show

ITV replied: “We monitor the islanders around the clock and have no record of the use of this alleged language.

“Nobody has used that language in rap lyrics or at any other time. We have clear rules for the use of language in the villa. “

After arriving at the villa last week, Danny was initially dating Sharon Gaffka and Kaz Kamwi and is now with Lucinda Strafford.

Love Island continues on ITV2 Monday evening at 9 p.m.

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