Rylan Clark Reveals He Suffered Coronary heart Failure Twice In Wake Of Break up From Ex-Husband

Rylan Clark has revealed he suffered heart failure on two separate occasions after he and his ex-husband split last year.

In the past year, the presenter has spoken candidly about the toll the break-up from his husband of six years, Dan Neal, took on his mental health.

More recently, the former X Factor star has also opened up about how his divorce impacted him physically, revealing last week that at one stage his mum feared he’d suffered a stroke.

Speaking at his An Evening With Rylan Clark event, the TV presenter shared that he also had to have his heart restarted twice in the wake of his break-up.

It was like my body had shut down,” he told the audience, as reported by Metro. “Twice last year, I ended up back in an ambulance because my heart had failed. It was really strange because I just remember for a couple of weeks going, ‘My heart hurts’.”

Rylan continued: “My heart had to be restarted. I just remember lying in resus[citation]because I had these pads on with all these wires, and not understanding what it was.”

Rylan with his ex-husband Dan Neal in 2017

Last week, Rylan shared that after splitting from Dan, he had “slurred” speech, struggled to speak and dropped a drastic amount of weight, which led to him being hospitalized for “safety reasons” after refusing food.

“My body did completely shut down,” Rylan explained. “I wouldn’t eat. I went through a stage where I couldn’t even talk, which for some people might be quite handy.

“My speech was just slurred. My mum thought I was having a stroke.”

Rylan is currently gearing up for the return of Strictly Come Dancing spin-off It Takes Two, which he has co-hosted since 2019.

He also currently fronts his own show on Radio 2, and was part of the UK’s broadcasting team at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin earlier this year.

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