Prince Harry says he already needed to go away royal life in his 20s

Prince Harry touched on almost every important aspect of his life during an extensive interview on Armchair Expert’s podcast with hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.

In the hour and a half episode, which aired Tuesday, the Duke of Sussex spoke on a myriad of different topics, including Joe Rogan, Princess Diana, the benefits of therapy, and nude photos taken in Las Vegas’ first incognito supermarket date with Meghan Markle, unconscious bias and his military service.

Harry also discussed his “biggest problem” with royal life, which he likened to a cross between The Truman Show and a zoo, and explained why he didn’t like it even in his early 20s.

Prince Harry on royal service in Nottingham in 2016.

“I think the biggest problem for me has been that if you are born into it, you inherit the risk. You inherit the risk involved – you inherit any element with no choice, ”Harry said.

“Because of the way the UK media is, they feel responsible to you. In the truest sense of the word fully owned. And then they make some of them – or most of their readers – think that it is. But I think it’s a really dangerous place if you don’t have a choice. ”

“But then of course people will rightly turn around and say, ‘What if you had no choice? It is a privilege! ‘”, He added.

“I was in my early twenties and I was like, ‘I don’t want this job, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to do that, ”Harry said later in the interview. “Look what it did to my mother. How can I ever settle down, have a wife and a family when I know it’s going to happen again? “

The Duke of Sussex said he had these thoughts because he “saw behind the curtain” and “saw the business model”.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in December 2017, shortly after they got engaged.

“I know how this operation works and how it works. I don’t want to be part of it. And when I started therapy, it suddenly felt like the bladder had burst, ”he said. “And I took my head out of the sand and shook it off well. And I said, ‘Okay. You are in this privileged position. Stop complaining or stop thinking like you want something else – do it differently. Because you can’t get out. ‘”

Through his relationship with Meghan, he began to investigate what was really hurting him.

“She could tell that I was hurt and that some of the things that were out of my control really made me angry,” he said. “For me, before meeting Meghan, it was a case of – certainly related to the media – anger and frustration that this is so unfair.

Harry and Meghan in January 2018.

Harry and Meghan in January 2018.

Harry said “helplessness” was his greatest weakness and listed the three times he felt “completely helpless”.

“One when I was a kid in the back of the car and my mother was followed by paparazzi. two were in Afghanistan in an Apache helicopter; and then the third was with my wife, ”he said.

“And then you think to yourself, ‘Shit. I have the privilege, I have the platform, I have the influence and even I can’t fix this, I can’t change that. ‘And you start thinking about it, and then it takes a toll. ”

While the Duke said he has been overly self-critical in the past, “the good thing is that the course is now being changed”.

Harry’s interview with Shepard and Padman follows the Duke, who opens up in extremely honest interviews with two friends, the host of the Late Late Show, James Corden, and the media mogul Oprah Winfrey, earlier this year.

Supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who resigned as working members of the royal family in January 2020 are likely to hear more candor from the royals in the months ahead.

Harry has released a new multi-part documentary on mental health, coming out later this month in collaboration with Winfrey, that will interview the two stars like Lady Gaga and Glenn Close, as well as ordinary people who face mental health problems.

Last year Harry and Meghan signed major contracts with Spotify and Netflix to produce and appear on both platforms.

Further information on the interview with the Duke’s Armchair Expert can be found below:

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