Pete Sandiford’s Holey Pants from Gogglebox actually redefine the time period “shreddies”.

We get it, sometimes it can be difficult to throw away grubby old stuff that you’re hanging on, but we think Pete Sandiford at Gogglebox might take that a little too far.

The Channel 4 star abandoned his sister Sophie on the hit show’s latest episode when he revealed a pair of boxers who really are redefining the term shreddies.

On Friday’s show, Pete proudly showed off his holey pants that he has had for over 10 years.

Channel 4Pete and Sophie on the goggle box

“I am not allowed to part with them – I have had them since I was 15!” he said.

“I mean, my first question is how did you get a fiancée?” Joked Sophie.

“She’s asked me to dispose of it since I’ve known her,” said Pete.

“You have to throw them away,” Sophie concluded.

“No, it’s a few more years,” said Pete.

Pete announced he was engaged to his girlfriend Paige Yeomans when Gogglebox returned for a new series in February.

In April, he announced that he and Paige were expecting their first child together.

Pete’s pants aren’t the only NSFW moment the show has had in the past few weeks.

Viewers were able to see a little more of Stephen Webb than they probably wanted when he modeled a pair of riding breeches and let’s just say they left very little to the imagination.

The goggle box will be broadcast on channel 4 on Fridays at 9 p.m.

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