Pen Farthing remains to be working to evacuate folks from Afghanistan after animals arrive within the UK

NowzadPAPen Farthing, founder of the Nowzad animal welfare organization.

A former Royal Marine in the middle of a series about evacuating animals from Afghanistan from humans has responded to “bad comments” from “armchair experts”.

Paul “Pen” Farthing arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport on a privately funded charter flight around 7:30 am Sunday after running his Operation Ark campaign to remove workers and animals from the Nowzad shelter in Kabul.

However, he spoke of the need for less criticism and more action as he is still working to evacuate 68 shelter workers and family members from the country after securing the transport of more than 150 dogs and cats to the UK.

Nowzad’s employees and relatives, including 25 children and a newborn baby, are still in the country.

Farthing said, “We would like to thank the Home Office, FCDO, MoD and the entire government for their support with Op Ark and look forward to working closely with them over the coming weeks as we accomplish our mission and attract these 68 people.” Afghanistan and back to safety.

“While these vulnerable employees, mostly young women, remain in danger in Afghanistan, we will not rest.

“Just as the Department of Defense must be left alone to continue with the important work of evacuating personnel and troops from Afghanistan, we must also focus on the second and most important part of Op Ark, the vets and nurses at risk and their children from Kabul rather than having to deal with ill-informed comments from MPs, the press and subject matter experts. “

Farthing’s Operation Ark campaign to bring shelter workers and animals out of Afghanistan has sparked controversy in recent days after receiving tremendous public support.

All of the nearly 100 dogs and 70 cats on the flight were “healthy,” with the dogs being housed in kennels, said Dominic Dyer, an animal rights activist and supporter of Farthing.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace complained that some of the more militant supporters of Farthing had been consuming “too much time” from senior commanders.

It comes after the ex-Marine apologizes for leaving a slogan-laden message for a government adviser when he tried to conduct the evacuation.

Farthing told ITV Good Morning Britain on Monday: “I am incredibly embarrassed by my language, I apologize to everyone who has heard this.

“I was at the lowest point I could be.

“I understand how the world works, but the emotions have overwhelmed me, so I apologize for my language to everyone who had to listen to me.

“I shouldn’t have put it that way, but the feeling, yes, I was just incredibly upset, angry, frustrated, it was the low point.

“I had no other choice, I didn’t know what else to do.

“That is why you have probably already heard a colorful language.”

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