Nicola Peltz Beckham Pulls No Punches As She Admits Why She Reduce Brooklyn’s Scenes From New Movie

Nicola Peltz Beckham has admitted her husband Brooklyn is “still mad” at her after his scene was cut from an upcoming film she directed.

The Transformers: Age Of Extinction star recently wrote and co-directed her first film, Lola James, which centers around a young woman who is working to raise money to get her younger brother out of a “toxic” living environment.

“Brooklyn is still mad at me, but he was like, ‘Can I be in your movie?’,” she revealed during a new interview with the Sunday Times.

Nicola went on to explain that while she was “honored” to have Brooklyn in her film, she decided that because he’s “covered in tattoos and British”, it would be better to “disguise him”.

So he did a few parts in the background, which if you pay attention, you can find,” she continued, “But in one scene he’s like ‘Can I put the [microphone] on, I wanna say a line?’.”

Brooklyn and Nicola pictured at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month

Dominique Charriau via Getty Images

At this point, Nicola revealed she was left “laughing so hard” at the photographer, model and occasional sausage sandwich chef’s attempts at an American accent, which ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor.

I ended up cutting him out!” she told the newspaper. “He sat there, in the editing room, he was like, ‘Did you really just cut me out while I’m sitting here?’. I was like, ‘Yes I love you so much!’.’

During the same interview, Nicola also once again shut down speculation about a supposed feud between herself and her famous mother-in-law Victoria Beckham, while stating: “No family is perfect. no family.”

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