Madonna reveals outcomes of second tattoo after getting inked on Instagram

Madonna shared a video of herself getting her second tattoo on Instagram.

After largely ditching body art throughout her life, the Queen of Pop announced late last year that she’d decided to do her first act at the age of 62, with her six children’s initials inked on the wrist.

On Sunday, she announced on Instagram that she had decided to go under the needle a second time and get a red “X” tattooed on her wrist in honor of her latest album, Madame X.

After Madonna had a glass of wine, she said to her 15-year-old son David, “Look, I’m going to get another tattoo. It is nothing different or new that I had in mind, but I thought maybe you would like to see it. Just for a second. “

“It’s going to be red, blood-red,” Madonna told the aspiring teenage footballer.

“Because this revolutionary business …” he said, to which she replied: “It’s a bloody business.”

When David cheered her on from the sidelines, Madonna was heard saying to the tattoo artist Robbie Ra, “That hurts, oh my god, I really don’t like you right now. [But] Even if I do complain, you don’t feel like you need to stop. I’m used to people hurting me, and I’m used to being in pain too. “

“Why do you need a bigger needle?” she asks later in the clip before adding, “Wait, are you English? OK, now everything will be clear. “

She showed the finished deed and said, “Power the people.”

The tattoo artist also posted the same clip on his own Instagram page and wrote: “That was crazy! “

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