Love Island Unveils 4 Model New Bombshell Contestants

The cast of Love Island 2022 pictured earlier in the series

With just a couple of weeks left on the current season of Love Island, it seems bosses are not quite done surprising the remaining contestants just yet.

ITV has announced four new bombshells will be arriving in the villa during Wednesday night’s installation, with the quartet being made up of two boys and two girls.

Among the newbies are 27-year-old footballer Jamie and 23-year-old model Reece.

Teasing his gameplan, Jamie said: “I play football every single day and in terms of stepping on people’s toes we are all in there for the same reason so I wouldn’t have a problem upsetting a few people.

“I am coming in a bit later so I probably will upset a few lads but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Meanwhile, Reece revealed that as a former footballer himself, he’s also not afraid of a bit of competition.

“I feel like I am quite confident so I wouldn’t care about stepping on anyone’s toes that doesn’t really bother me,” he insisted.

“I am going in there to find love so that’s all a part of it really.”

Reece Ford

Meanwhile, the new girls are 23-year-old operations manager and content creator Nathalia and 25-year-old dancer Lacey.

Originally hailing from Brazil, Nathalia has teased that she’s bringing “fun, flirtation and fire” to the show with her.

“If I was to approach a guy no-one should be shocked or it shouldn’t be suprising, it’s pretty normal given the circumstances,” she said.

“I fall in love very quickly, I am a Libra, I am always falling in and out of love… or at least I think I am in love.”

Nathalia Campos

Meanwhile, Lacey revealed: “Being a dancer you always have to fight for the role, or fight for the job and you have to believe in yourself, you need confidence. I am literally just going to bring all of that into the villa.

“I am bringing all my confidence, all my chat and I might do the splits occasionally to get some attention…”

She added: “We’ve all gone in to find someone and just because I am coming in later does not mean that I am not going to give it my all. There’s no problem with stepping on toes. I am a dancer, I can avoid them…”

Lacey Edwards

See Jamie, Reece, Nathalia and Lacey’s entrances in Wednesday’s Love Island airing at 9pm on ITV2.

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