Little one Strangers Observe Discontinued Toys for Disabled Teenagers

A teen is overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers who have teamed up to track down a discontinued toy that their disabled sister loves to the smallest detail.

Josie Wheel, 18, of Coventry, tweeted to ask if anyone had access to a Vtech Light Up Learning Bug, which has been her 15-year-old sister’s favorite toy since her second birthday. Her sister Rosie has profound multiple learning disabilities, or PMLD, and Josie says she relied on her beloved toy.

“Rosie loves everything about her ladybug – it fulfills all of her sensory needs as it is tactile, has flashing lights and sings songs,” Josie Wheel told HuffPost UK.

“Ladybird is her whole life, she goes on vacation with her, to the hospital, she has one at school. It’s the first thing she wants when she wakes up and the last she has before she goes to bed. ”

Wheel asked those who have a working toy to contact us and was quickly contacted by people around the world. “Tons of people” have offered to fix Rosie’s broken toys while others bombard Vtech with emails to see if there is anything they can do to help.

People in the UK have found toys from local sellers and strangers from countries like Malta, Spain and France have helped translate messages from sellers abroad.

“The offers were so crazy!” Says Rad. “It feels pretty surreal because we didn’t know it would be so popular. We’ve looked for your ladybug before and it’s never had such a range! It is so amazing to see so many people helping in so many ways. “

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