LadBaby makes historical past because the primary single is revealed for Christmas 2021

LadBaby made history as the first musical act to top the official Christmas charts with four songs in a row.

It was revealed on Friday night that LadBaby’s collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Elton John, Sausage Rolls For Everyone, had hit celebratory number one, making it the fourth track for novelty singers.

In doing so, they have broken a record previously held by The Beatles and Spice Girls, both of whom had previously had three Christmas numbers in a row.

Sausage Rolls For Everyone is a rewritten version of Ed and Elton’s chart-topping Merry Christmas, who peaked at number one earlier this month.

As with LadBaby’s last three sausage rolls hits, the proceeds from sausage rolls for everyone go to the food banks’ charity, The Trussell Trust.

LadBaby is celebrating its fourth number one Christmas in a row

To celebrate the award, LadBaby of the Official Charts Company said: “Thank you thank you thank you to the great UK audience for every single person in this country who has downloaded and streamed this song over the past week. You are all absolute legends.

“Thank you for helping us raise our profile, raise money and raise awareness of the Trussell Trust, the food banks in the UK, and supporting the 14 million people in this country who are below the positivity line. We couldn’t have done it without you.

“It means so much to us and thank you very much for all the support, positivity and love that we have received over the past few weeks … over the past four years!”

In addition to being LadBaby’s fourth Christmas number one, the track is Ed Sheeran’s second after topping the festive charts with Perfect in 2017.

Sausage Rolls For Everyone is also Elton John’s third number one hit in the past 12 months, following the success of the Dua Lipa collaboration Cold Heart and the aforementioned festive song Merry Christmas.

Ed can do better with four number one singles in 2021, however.

Elton John had an incredible 2021 with three number one singles in the past 12 months

The previous number one Merry Christmas is with Wham! fallen for a place in the Christmas charts! and Mariah Carey’s festive staples behind at three and four.

The punk group The K *** s reached number five with their performance Boris Johnson Is Still AF *** ing C ***.

The couple found themselves engaged in an unlikely exchange of taunts earlier this week after LadBaby said of Boris Johnson Is Still AF *** ing C ***, “It takes a certain type of person to download a song with that in the title . but you never know

“There is definitely an element that people are not happy with this government, but our song is for charity – I don’t think it’s theirs – and ours is trying to raise more money than ever for tablets. It’s something that’s even more important in the face of everything that’s going on. “

In response, the K *** s accused LadBaby of “exploiting poverty, hunger and despair” to “haggle records” and pointed out that they ended up making charitable donations to charities that matter to them lying and whipping up the proceeds from their latest Johnson single.

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