Labor MP Pinpoints Precisely What’s Incorrect With No.10’s Leveling Up Agenda In Scathing Video

Zarah Sultana took aim at No.10′s heavily-criticised “levelling up agenda” in a scathing new video circulating on Twitter.

Alluding to the cost of living crisis facing Britons at the moment – as inflation has just hit a 30-year high – the Labor MP claimed the government was doing little to alleviate the problem.

With soaring gas and electricity bills, rising interest rates and an upcoming national insurance hike, the treasury promised it would act to help lower-income households.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak then unrolled a support package earlier this month which supposedly enabled 28 million households to get their council tax bills slashed by £150 along with £200 reduction in energy bills.

However, according to Sultana during a clip shared on news outlet Double Down News, Sunak is “taking the piss” by offering only £200 loans even though energy bills are increasing by £700 due to the global squeeze on wholesale gas prices.

Sunak also ignored Labour’s bid to cut the VAT on fuel bills – even though it was marketed as one of the main benefits of leaving the EU.

Moving onto the startling rise in food prices – as outlined by anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe – Sultana continued: “This government likes to talk about leveling up when in truth, we currently have over five million children in poverty.

“Last month, over a million adults went a day without eating because they couldn’t afford to put food on the table.

“Don’t believe their lies on leveling up – they’re busy punching down.

“If we think things are bad, they are going to get a whole lot worse.”

Inflation is rising but salaries are not increasing at the same rate, while the head of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, has even encouraged people not to ask for a pay rise during this cost of living crisis.

Sultana claimed, “things can be done differently, they just take political will,” adding: “The cost of living crisis isn’t inevitable, it isn’t a natural crisis.”

She also proposed taxing wealth over £100 million instead of increasing the national insurance contributions.

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