Kirstie Allsopp shouldn’t be a fan of the ‘imply’ and ‘merciless’ goggle field

Gogglebox may be one of the most popular series on TV, but one person who isn’t a fan is Kirstie Allsopp.

The host of Location, Location, Location has described the Channel 4 hit show as “cruel” and “mean” even though he works for the same station that shows it.

Speaking to MyWeekly magazine (via The Sun), Kirstie said, “One of my most unpopular TV shows is Gogglebox.

“It’s the worst form of mean, cruel television. It is one thing to talk about people in private, but to put it in a public space is not entertainment. “

Jeff Spicer via Getty ImagesKirstie Allsopp

Kirstie previously expressed her distaste for Gogglebox after the cast shared their verdict on their series Kirstie’s Crafty Christmas on the show.

Describing the show as a “stomach swirl,” she tweeted in 2013, “Why are people complaining about the BBC’s ability to cannibalize itself? Channel 4 wins every time.

“You expect to be criticized by the opposition / press but getting tricked by a show on the channel you worked with for 14 years is pretty rich.”

Channel 4Gogglebox favorites Jenny and Lee

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