Janet Avenue-Porter launches new assault on Adele over ‘snooping’ Vegas residency excuse

The Loose Women panelist called the Easy On Me star “self-obsessed” and said Adele’s apology to fans after her shows had been canceled was “sniffling”, accusing her of treating her “appallingly”.

In an emotional video she released on Friday, Adele tearfully announced that her show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace was “not ready” just 24 hours before she was due to take the stage for the first time.

In her column for MailOnline, Janet – who has previously turned against Adele – devastated her, writing: ‘I don’t know what was more stunning; Adele’s feeble apologies, sniffling at the camera, flaunting perfect nails, addressing us common folk as if we were queuing for a bag of fish and chips (her actual words “My show isn’t done”) – or the mere – standing with the audacity to have made this decision just two days before kick-off.

“This carefully staged attempt at sympathy does not come across as credible. Anyone might think she studied footage of the master of non-apologies, Boris Johnson,” she wrote.

“She was on her way from a wealthy woman to an incredibly rich and self-obsessed global star. That doesn’t give you the right to treat fans so horribly in the hope that a whining apology will soften the blow.”

Janet added: “She has the staying power of a damp handkerchief.”

The former tabloid editor had previously branded Adele as “deeply superficial” in the run-up to the release of her latest album 30, accused the star of “feigned misery”, “shed tears every hour” and opened up about her personal shift product”.

Janet Street-Porter is known for her outspoken opinions on Loose Women

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The Weekends With Adele series was announced last November, with the singer scheduled to perform two shows each weekend through April.

Tickets ranged from $85 (£60) to $685 (£500) and Adele was reportedly expected to earn in excess of £500,000 per performance.

The residency would have been the first time Adele had performed live shows in five years.

The 33-year-old singer said she had been “up for 30 hours” trying to save the production but just “wasn’t out of time”.

Adele also apologized to fans who had already arrived in Las Vegas for the opening weekend.

“I’m sorry, it’s last minute. I am so upset and really embarrassed and so sorry for everyone who has traveled again.”

The residency is to be postponed, the dates will be announced in due course.

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