How To Make A Sausage Roll ‘That Rivals Greggs’ In Your Air Fryer In Simply 15 Minutes

Greggs put up price of sausage rolls due to inflation earlier this month – and fans of the high street bakery chain were not happy.

Having now risen to £1.15, many of us will be looking for ways to enjoy our favorite snack on the cheap – and one TikTok food influencer has seriously cracked the code.

Becky Excell’s recipe for homemade air fryer sausage rolls recently went viral and fortunately, it’s super easy to replicate yourself.

Claiming that ‘Greggs just isn’t for me’, Becky’s method uses just three ingredients and takes 15 minutes in an air fryer (an appliance that is seriously having a moment thanks to its cheap running cost).

First, Becky takes the skin off 400g of sausages and rolls out shop bought puff pastry (because who has time to make their own).

Cut the pastry down the middle and into two long slices – here Becky says you can optionally spread a line of wholegrain mustard just off center down them if you want your sausage rolls to have a kick.

Put the sausage meat on top and brush the smaller side of pastry with egg wash and fold the pastry over.

Crimp the edges with a fork, brush with egg and cut very light slashes in them.

The slashes in the rolls lets any excess fat drip through the air fryer basket to make sure your treats are crispy without soggy bottoms.

Cut to fit your air fryer’s basket (you should get at least four sausage rolls!) and then air fry for 12-14 minutes at 200C.

They should look golden and crispy – who needs to nip down the high street to get their hands on the UK’s favorite baked good, right?

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