Helen Mirren turns her bathtub into an iconic chat present look, however runs right into a bubbly drawback

Over 15 months into the pandemic, we are all officially fed up with Zoom calls. So you can’t blame Helen Mirren for killing two birds with one stone when she dialed into a US talk show from her bathroom.

The actress performed live and straight from her tub on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night and told the host it was her “favorite place in the world”.

A shocked Jimmy told her that she had the honor of being his first guest to ever emerge from her bathroom.

“That’s the great thing about Zoom,” she said. “I thought, why aren’t you where you like to sit and chat with people? I love chatting with my husband while sitting in the bathtub. So why not all of America? “

However, Helen ran into a major problem.

“I’m running out of bubbles!” She said. “You were chatting and I was waiting and my bladders went down.”

The soapy water wasn’t the only iconic feature of Helen’s interview, however.

She also shared a video in which she chased away a bear that was trying to get onto her porch.

Helen previously spoke about her meeting with the bear in an interview with US comedian Marc Maron on his podcast WTF.

She also revealed that she had learned how to react when a bear “looks at you aggressively” and “arches its back as if it was about to attack” from a brochure.

Lady Helen explained, “They said you make yourself as big as you can if you can grab a stick, make yourself look big and then literally said it and then yells, ‘Bad bear, bad bear!'”

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