Grant Shapps Vows To Create A ‘Tory Campaigning College’ If Made PM

Grant Shapps has vowed to create a “Tory campaigning university” if he is made prime minister.

The transport secretary wrote to Conservative MPs as part of his pitch to replace Boris Johnson.

In his letter, the senior cabinet minister set out his “campaigning promise” to MPs, including the establishment of a Tory “centre of excellence”.

He added: “A sort of Tory campaigning university, where we can all learn from each other and from the latest developments internationally.

“I will give all colleagues significantly improved access to polling, and to a database of statements, facts and achievements to help you win arguments.”

His campaign has so far centered on promises to help Tory MPs hold on to their seats at the next election.

Shapps has sought to differentiate himself from the other candidates by stressing his experience as a “successful campaigner and organizer”.

“If you choose me to be your next prime minister, I will not be the sort to just sit behind my desk,” he wrote.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

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His promise includes the creation of a “campaign strike force” that would see polling, media and other experts traveling from seat to seat to motto localized campaigns.

Shapps said MPs would have the “very best resources” with more central funding for local campaigning and access to the latest techniques and technology.

He also vowed to create a larger political operation in No.10 and promised to brief MPs ahead of major announcements.

Shapps added: “As prime minister I will visit every single seat held by a Conservative MP. We have all experienced how much a ministerial visit can galvanize our local associations and volunteers, as well as local media. I will get out of Whitehall to come and campaign for you.”

Shapps is one of at least 11 MPs who have thrown their hat in the ring to replace Johnson.

The Johnson loyalist set up his stall by vowing to end “tactical government by an often-distracted centre”.

The grammar school educated MP for Welwyn Hatfield suggested his own leadership would bring a return to a more traditionally conservative approach to state, pledging to curb taxes.

The 53-year-old, who has three children, said tackling the cost-of-living crisis and strengthening the economy to become the biggest in Europe are top of his agenda.

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