Grant Shapps’ Cringey New Clip about trains has already been derailed

Grant Shapps just posted a new video to promote his department’s decision to remove some train announcements – and it’s now getting the Twitter treatment it deserves.

The transport minister – who clearly took cues from Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s book – upped his PR game in Friday’s new one-minute clip.

Aptly filmed on a train, the minister begins the clip by reading from the Daily Telegraph as a series of random announcements are read out.

With happy whistling music playing in the background, Shapps then looks directly at the camera and says, “If you’re traveling by train, you’ve probably heard some of these messages, over and over again.”

He claims that some of these messages “just state the obvious,” before noting, “Do we really need to be told to throw our unwanted newspapers in the bin or that the weather is bad outside?

“Passengers just need to be treated like adults and use their common sense, because train travel should be an opportunity to relax, read a book, maybe catch up on some work or even take a nap.”

He says his department has now reviewed the train messages and “where they add nothing but noise and irritation, we remove them.”

He then proudly concludes: “All parts of Williams-Shapps plan to improve our railroads.”

It didn’t take long for people to point out that this is hardly the UK travel industry’s biggest problem, especially at a time of staff shortages and rising train ticket prices…

Train passengers are having to cut essential services, the government is refusing to repair Hammersmith Bridge and lorry drivers still face poor working conditions.

But is this the “big” announcement from the Department of Transportation?

Is this the best Operation Save Big Dog has to offer? https://t.co/Mkw7GIdFtV

— Ruth Cadbury MP 💙 (@RuthCadbury) January 21, 2022

Stick a fork in this government, it’s done.

The Secretary of State for Transport’s priority is the number of announcements on the train.

Not if you can afford to get one. Or if it runs on time. Or if it is crowded or there is a risk of infection.

The announcements… https://t.co/XRp4K2sGqX

— Anna Turley 🌹💙 (@annaturley) January 21, 2022

Stop Normal Island, I want to get off. I got the train yesterday. No annoying announcements except the one halfway down announcing that the exit is now cancelled. The driver didn’t know the way to Manchester and the guard was AWOL 🤷🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/7JS7edPPcE

— Gemma (@Nimmette) January 21, 2022

And of course there were the inevitable jokes…

“Throw unwanted governments in the bin”

— Ryan Laccohee (@Ryan_Laccohee) January 21, 2022

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