Ghana slams Boris Johnson’s ‘Operation Crimson Meat’ to humiliation for Britain

The Ghanaian government has rejected any suggestion that it is implicated in a plan to save Boris Johnson’s Premiership, dubbed Operation Red Meat.

In a tweet, the country’s foreign ministry denied that talks were underway with the UK to house a migrant processing facility.

The Times reported that plans are being drawn up to send migrants to countries like Ghana and Rwanda for processing and resettlement.

Downing Street said it was “not helpful” to talk about ongoing talks with countries but it was “right that we are talking to international partners” to fix the asylum system.

The directive is said to be part of a package offering Tory MPs “red meat” to divert attention from allegations by the Downing Street party.

But the Ghanaian government has quashed the notion that it was involved – even dubbing the barrage of ideas intended to underpin Johnson “Operation Dead Meat”.

It said: “The Department for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration wishes to state categorically that Ghana has not engaged in any such plan with the UK and has no intention of considering such an operation in the future.”

The plan to revive Johnson’s dwindling fortune amid ongoing fury over “Partygate” allegations also reportedly includes threats to scrap the BBC royalty and end coronavirus restrictions.

But the plan — also known as Operation Save Big Dog — quickly unravels.

Albania has also denied claims that the country is involved in offloading asylum seekers, with the country’s ambassador telling The Independent that this was “against international law” and “completely contrary to (his) country’s position”.

After Ghana’s intervention, MPs and commentators variously labeled Operation Red Meat as the idea of ​​”liars and idiots” and “an offensive way of doing business”.

Operation Red Meat is a bunch of made-up, unreachable crap that makes for good headlines. We are ruled by liars and idiots. literally no one should be surprised. Every time they inform that another country is used, this is just made up. Stop Printing It! https://t.co/ETXhA2o9VR

— Jess Phillips MP (@jessphillips) January 18, 2022

God what an insulting way of doing business. I look forward to Rwanda next distancing itself from the UK government’s clown car while a drunken press secretary #10 searches for another country they say “sounds like you don’t want to go” https:/ /t.co/97tGfusz5K

— Marina Hyde (@MarinaHyde) January 18, 2022

Every time the government publishes this story, it chooses a different country to bring it back to the front page. Last time it was Albania, this time Ghana. It turns out to be wrong every time. https://t.co/aQBHGGSXBj

— Adam Bienkov (@AdamBienkov) January 18, 2022

Meanwhile, even Tory MPs are unhappy with the policy – warning that the Royal Navy will run a “taxi service” for migrants crossing the English Channel as part of Operation Dog’s Dinner.

Ministers came under fire from some on their back benches for failing to attempt to push back small boats attempting to reach England from France.

The Department of Defense is expected to assume command of Border Force’s operation by the end of the month in a move signed by Johnson.

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