England’s final Euro 2020 sport is formally the third most watched TV occasion in British historical past

England’s last European Championship game was the most watched TV event in more than 20 years, as newly released viewership numbers have confirmed.

It was announced on Monday morning that an average of 17.8 million people tuned in to see England live on BBC One the night before against Italy, with an average of four million watching ITV coverage.

At its peak, the BBC drew up to 25 million people during live broadcast, with ITV’s maximum being 5.8 million.

Metro has reported that these combined numbers made the game the third most viewed broadcast of all time, beaten only by England’s 1966 World Cup win (with 32.3 million viewers) and Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 (32.1 million).

Marc Atkins via Getty ImagesEngland coach Gareth Southgate with players Marcus Rashford and Harry Kane after Sunday night’s game

England’s success at this year’s European Championship gave the team first place in a major tournament final for 55 years.

Unfortunately, football didn’t come home as many had hoped and Italy eventually beat the squad 3-2 after a tense penalty shoot-out.

There is definitely cause to celebrate, however, as celebrities like Adele, Dave and Dua Lipa cheer the Three Lions on social media for their strong performance throughout the tournament.

picture Alliance via Getty ImagesItaly’s team lifts the trophy after their victory on Sunday evening

And it wasn’t just the game itself that kept us entertained this weekend.

Lots of fun-loving fans in the crowd (not to mention a few select A-List stars watching in the stands) also gave us a lot to look out for during the night.

Fortunately for those who have already missed their footie fix, it’s now a little over a year before the 2022 World Cup begins and everything starts all over again …

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