Christian Eriksen, the Danish staff captain, collapses on the sector on the European Championships

A European Championship game between Denmark and Finland was abruptly interrupted on Saturday when Danish team captain Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field.

The players quickly called for medical staff and, with a few tears, formed a human shield around Eriksen when he received chest compressions and other help at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen.

Eriksen, a star midfielder, was carried away on a stretcher after about 10 minutes of medical care.

According to a communication from the Union of European Football Associations, which organizes the four-year tournament, he was stabilized and taken to hospital for tests.

At the request of both teams, the game was then continued.

🇩🇰 respect. 🇫🇮

Get well soon, Christian. # EURO2020pic.twitter.com / SyWDfFAcXG

– UEFA EURO 2020 (@ EURO2020) June 12, 2021

The players were in the first half of the game when Eriksen appeared ready to take a pass but instead collapsed near the sideline.

“Moments like this put everything in life into perspective,” UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin said in a statement. “In these times, the football family’s unity is so strong and he and his family carry everyone’s good wishes and prayers with them.”

Eriksen reportedly spoke to his teammates via video call to reassure them that he is fine.

Wolfgang Rattay – Billiards via Getty ImagesDenmark’s players gather around his teammate Christian Eriksen, who collapsed on the pitch during a game between Denmark and Finland at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen on Saturday.

While viewers waited for more information on Eriksen’s condition, tributes came from fans, journalists and football clubs around the world.

“Incredible performance by the medical team,” tweeted Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

“My God, I think of Eriksen and his family and send all the love and strength that is available,” said Megan Rapinoe, Team USA star player.

FRIEDEMANN VOGEL via Getty ImagesDenmark’s players escort Eriksen from the field.

A video from the stadium showed how the fans shouted “Christian” and “Eriksen” in solidarity during the 90-minute break.

The Finns say “Christ” and the Danes “Eriksen”. Nice scene. pic.twitter.com/xhjUgwuxEm

– Eduardo Hagn (@EduardoHagn) June 12, 2021

The next match between Belgium and Russia will take place as planned, said UEFA.

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