An previous video of Boris Johnson dancing pops up and other people wish to sip the Unsee juice

An old video of Boris Johnson dancing at a party has resurfaced on social media – and a lot of people are rubbing their eyes.

The clip – apparently before Covid – made the rounds on most platforms the day after Johnson admitted to having attended a “Bring your own Spirit” gathering in the garden of No. 10 during England’s first lockdown. Although the Prime Minister insisted, he believed it was a “work event” and not a party.

The video includes the sounds of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long (All Night),” a flapping lightsaber, and the kind of movement that could benevolently be called “Dad Dance.”

The original source of the 40-second clip is unclear.

But on Thursday a video was posted on Instagram …

… and soon spread on Twitter.

Journalist Henry Dyer suggested that the clip was from Johnson’s time as Mayor of London and that he was tearing up the dance floor with the then Chairman of the London Congregation at a Christmas party (maybe in 2013).

Here is the list of gifts for anyone wondering: The “lightsaber” was a gift from ILM / Lucas Film in June 2013 https://t.co/mRMxlpyrqj

And according to press reports, it’s kind of a tradition for the Mayor to dance with the Chairman of the London Assembly at the Christmas party …

– Henry Dyer (@Direthoughts) January 13, 2022

The lightsaber should be a gift: The Star Wars weapon of choice was “made and invented” in South Ruislip in the Johnson constituency of Uxbridge, he said in 2019.

“I have a lightsaber in my Westminster office – it’s a very nice thing that was given to me by none other than Christopher Lee (who played Count Dooku in Star Wars),” said Johnson.

Suffice it to say that a lot of the online commentary has focused on whether or not Johnson knows what a party is or not.

It’s making the rounds on social media today. Just to be clear, I’m dancing with Boris Johnson at the 2009 GLA Christmas party, NOT the Downing Street Christmas party during the 2020 lockdown – which I wasn’t invited to …. pic.twitter.com/r7h2oC9nyj

– Darren Johnson (@ DarrenJohnson66) January 13, 2022

That was just sent to me via WhatsApp and it’s … I don’t know how to describe it 😂

Boris Johnson dances with someone who has a lightsaber.

If anyone knows the original source of it, please mark it! pic.twitter.com/3bRwSg2iSg

– Adam Cailler 🗞️ (@acailler) January 13, 2022

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