An anti-cancel tradition convention with Nigel Farage has been canceled

The Spectator reported that only 400 tickets were sold at the Counter Conference due to be held next week at The O2’s 3,000-seat Indigo venue.

Organizers said the event would not take place due to problems due to travel restrictions introduced after the advent of the Omicron variant.

The right-wing alternative to Twitter – called GETTR and led by former Trump adviser Jason Miller – is behind the event, which will be attended by Farage, former US Housing Secretary Ben Carson and online personality actor Laurence Fox should.

A GETTR spokesman said the new rules would “make it impossible for many of the confirmed speakers and attendees to plan a trip to the conference”.

The organizers said in a statement to the Mirror: “Due to the new travel restrictions in the UK, we are sorry to announce that the counter-conference event that was due to take place on December 8th at the Indigo at The O2 has been canceled.

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