32 phases each non-soccer fan went by means of when changing in the course of the European Championship

Even those who normally struggle to feign interest in football couldn’t escape the 2020 Euro this summer.

Because of England’s historic performance in the tournament, foot fever has reached parts of the population that it normally never touches.

For these people, the journey to full-fledged lovers of the beautiful game was unexpected, but exciting, with many milestones marking this conversion along the way …

1. When people were still talking about football at the beginning of the European Championship

2. That was your reaction when someone asked if you wanted to go to the pub to see the game

3. But then you were tricked into going to a party that was playing a game

4. And there is only one way to get through

5. You start to be a little careful, but you literally have no idea what is going on

6. When asked for your opinion on the game

7. Because you are mainly interested in admiring the players

8. You manage to make the right noises in the right places and somehow get through the night

9. But then the next game rolls around and you suddenly feel a bit more patriotic

10. And you are actively willing to keep the guys moving instead of just being indifferent

11. Despite numerous explanations, you still have no idea what the offside rule is

12. Your goal celebration could use a little more work

13. So you try to increase the enthusiasm a bit

14. Before you know it, yell and yell at the TV

15. Sweet Caroline’s chants get you going

16. And you can describe the game even better

17. When you’ve found another new soccer fan to celebrate goals with

18. If you got all the merch for the next game drunk at 2am

19. And you ring pubs to find a table to watch it

20. You arrive there and soon join in with all the chants

21. If the game looks like it’s going in the wrong direction, you really are on the edge of your seat

22. And you’re surprised how you feel when the other team scores

23. But then your team pulls it back and you literally can’t hold back

24. You now think you know better than the referee and question every decision

25. Even your friends can’t believe how you got into it

26. You like every free kick

27. How you feel when your team is awarded a penalty

28. Vs how you feel when the other team takes a shot

29. You lose it completely if your team wins

30. How, right

31. And you go out on the streets to celebrate

32. You’re such a fan of the beautiful game now, you wonder what life was like before Euro 2020

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